Our Committees

  • Boatyard Committee

    Chaired by the Rear Commodore, this committee has the responsibility of ensuring the Club's boatyard and facilities are in order. Inspections are carried out periodically and any maintenance or repair is usually discussed with the Club's tenants and actioned by the Board.

  • Communications Committee

    Chaired by the Vice Commodore, the purpose of this committee is to ensure relevant and appropriate communications are presented to Club members, as well as the general public. This committee has overall responsibility for: The BBYC website; The BBYC Facebook account; and 'The Log' Newsletter.

  • Cruising Committee

    This committee is made up of volunteers who undertake the organisation of regular cruising events for interested Club members. Typically, a cruising event will be organised for the last weekend of most months. A BBYC Cruising Club group has been set up for the purpose of communicating arrangements for interested members closer to any advertised events.

  • Finance Committee

    Chaired by the Honorary Treasurer, this committee oversees the current and future financial state of the club.

  • Galley Committee

    Chaired by the Vice Commodore, this committee oversees the provisioning of the galley and organisation of volunteer rosters that support all scheduled club events, including Friday Twilight and Saturday Bay races.

  • Race Committee

    Chaired by the Rear Commodore, this committee involves the Honorary Race Secretary and other volunteer members who are collectively responsible for race management, including club racing, hosted regattas and on-water novelty events.

  • Sponsorship Committee

    This committee is responsible for the annual review of existing sponsorships, as well as identifying future sponsorship opportunities.