Try Sailing

Want to try crewing?
Simply provide your details and agree to our Try Sailing Risk Warning online to get started.
Please be at the Club an hour before a Friday twilight race or two hours before a Saturday race. Say hello to one of our members and they'll introduce you to one of our directors who will match you with a skipper and answer your questions.
All welcome!
Experienced sailors and those newer to sailing are invited to try crewing.
If you haven't sailed for a while or have had a couple of lessons and want to build your skills, crewing is an affordable way to get into sailing.
It's free to try crewing. Sail with us up to three times, then join as a crew membership for less than $150 a year.
Click get me started and complete some contact details. Be at the Club an hour before a Friday twilight race or two hours before a Saturday race.
We'll match you with one of our members and you'll sail on their keel or sports boat. Races are on the enclosed waters of Botany Bay and the Georges River.
It’s easy to get started; you just need to bring a hat, sun screen, water a spray jacket and an extra layer.  Please wear shoes with white soles e.g. trainers or volleys. Most boats have room down below for a sail bag with a change of clothes and you may like to bring some snacks and drinks.
On a racing yacht there are a number of different roles: the skipper or helmsman; the fore-decker or bowman; the tactician; the main trimmer; headsail trimmer;  spinnaker trimmer and rail candy.  On smaller yachts some of these positions are combined. The person who owns the boat will usually helm, but as our bay races start on Botany Bay, you may get an opportunity to steer on the way home.
Friday Twilight Racing
Summer twilight racing takes place during daylight savings (Oct to March). Twilights are a great way to end the week and hone your sailing skills in a fun social environment.  If you're new to sailing, this is a great place to get started.  Twilight races are short courses on the sheltered waters of the Georges River and Kogarah Bay.
Saturday Bay Racing
If you'd like to experience the thrills of flying a spinnaker, then come and try crewing on a Saturday afternoon bay race.  Whether you want to try trimming, a foredeck position, or just being out on the water, we'll match you with a skipper and over a few weeks you can try other boats to find a casual or permanent crew position.
Cruising division
We have an active cruising division. Once you're a member, let us know about your sailing goals and we'll connect you to some like minded cruisers.
Need gear?
If you need gloves or want to upgrade your wet weather gear, visit Herrick Sailmakers for the latest Slam gear.  Call Graeme on 0419 419 373 for opening hours or to check your size is in stock.  Herrick Sailmakers is located on the ground level of the BBYC clubhouse.
More questions?
Message our Facebook page or contact us.