Every time our feet hit the deck, our hearts race in anticipation of that magical moment when the wind will fill our sails and we once again feel the gentle acceleration of hull across water.

As the boat glides forward through the magnificent and historical waters of Botany Bay amidst the tangle of sheets, movement of crew, winding of winches and shouted instructions, we pause to take in the absolute beauty of the sailing experience.

That's when we realise, sailing is a thrilling yet beautiful sport - we will always come back for more.

Come and experience sailing with us! 


New skippers and crew are welcome to join the racing fleet for some Saturday afternoon spinnaker racing on Botany Bay.  No crowded waterways and uninterrupted breezes.  Perfect!
Racing starts at either 1:00pm or 1:30pm.  Check our Events Calendar for details.


Twilight racing has to be the best way to start your daylight saving weekend!  Racing on the sheltered waters of Kogarah Bay starts from 06:00pm adjacent to the clubhouse.  Stay later for a BBQ meal and refreshments at the bar as you watch the sunset.
If new or returning to sailing, or you've had a few lessons lately and want to get into it, twilight racing is a great way to build or hone your sailing skills.
Please contact us beforehand to be matched with a skipper and crew that has the best fit with your experience.  Please be at the clubhouse by 05:30pm at the latest.


Looking for something a little more relaxing?  Then why not join our Cruising Club and come along and share your stories and cruising experience with like-minded sailors?
Cruising events are organised on the last weekend of most months.  Check our Events Calendar for more information.