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Grant McKellar
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About Us

The Botany By Yacht Club is run by members who volunteer their time, so we can all enjoy the club's activities and facilities.

If you think you can contribute in any way, please contact one of the Committee members.

Boatyard Facilities

Contact Grant McKellar or Colin Cole at Endeavour Marine Services (EMS) for details and fees.

Club Facilities

Club Premises

The Club is open on race days, meeting nights and at other times to suit Club activities. In the interest of your Club, it is important to avoid creating an inconvenience to neighbours.

Particular care should be taken to minimise noise and in car parking on the street. Vehicles must not be parked on the centre island of Endeavour Street.

Club Canteen and Bar

Hot food and refreshments are available on race days. The Club bar also operates on race days and may be open at other times to suit Club activities.

General Meetings

General meetings for members and guests are held regularly.

Members will be notified before any meeting date.


Slipping and hardstand facilities are available by arrangement with the Boatyard Commercial Operator, EMS.

The Boatyard Commercial Operator will explain any restrictions that apply to activity within the boatyard. Fees apply.

Main Pontoon

The main pontoon is available to members on weekends and public holidays. On race days, the pontoon should always be left clear for race participants. 

Members may reserve use of the pontoon on weekdays by arrangement with the Boatyard Commercial Operator (minimum 3 days notice, please).

No fee applies.


The Club has 3 moorings adjacent to the Club.  They are available on an annual rental basis and are in heavy demand.

The Boatyard Commercial Operator has a further 25 moorings available for both short and long term rental.


The Club provides a tender and a dinghy for use by members. The tender operates on race days and may be available at other times while the dinghy is available for use at any time. Both the tender and the dinghy are for transport to and from a member’s vessel with fast turnaround required. Neither may be left tied to a vessel or a mooring for any length of time.

To improve tender service on race days, owners are requested to transport only 2 persons to and from a mooring.  Equipment and the remaining crew should be picked up or set down at either the Club pontoon or the Public Wharf.

Owner’s tenders may be stored on the hardstand rack for a fee by arrangement with the Boatyard Commercial Operator.